Department of Botany

                   The department of Botany in Government Rajmahant Nayandas Mahilang College, Bhatgaon was established . Graduation level classes (B.Sc.) are being conducted in Botany Department. The Main Vision of the Botany department is to conduct authentic research, teaching and outreach on the pattern and processes of lifewith a focus on plants and their environments.

                   Our Mission is to foster an environment of excellence by attracting and supporting the outstanding students, faculty and staff dedicated sustain our vision. We focus on enable predictive understanding of plants at their local regional and global scales.

                   Weorganize seminars and other activities within our course to develop a deeperunderstanding of the challenges of improving the subject of Botany.
Course Structure:

B.Sc. First Year:     Syllabus B.Sc.-I

            Paper I: General Diversity of Microbesand Cryptogams.

            Paper II: Cell Biology and Genetics.

B.Sc. Second Year:

            Paper I: Diversity of Seed Plants andtheir Systematic.

            Paper II: Structure Development and Reproduction in Flowering Plants.

B.Sc. Third Year:

            Paper I: Plant Physiology,Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

            Paper II: Ecology and Utilization of Plants.

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